About Katrina

Hello my new friend, it is nice to meet you…My name is Katrina Parsons and this is my story.

I have always had a certain way of understanding people. I believe weather you are a child or an elderly person, you really just want to know you have a voice, and that someone really understands you.

In 2010 my world was turned upside down with the passing of my father. About six months prior he started having trouble breathing and after months of tests and medicine we still had no answers. About a month before he died I was at a boutique and some ladies there were sharing doTERRA essential oils. Having absolutely no idea what I was doing and not realizing I was entirely too late, I brought home a respiratory blend formulated for support to the respiratory system and lemon, known to help the body naturally release toxins. Two weeks before his passing we received a diagnosis of stage four lung cancer.

Fast forward a year to a time when I was really struggling. We experienced a financial downturn and lost our beautiful house on the hill, moved in to an apartment and this combined with losing my father and various other life struggles left me a bit of a basket case. After lots of research, I discovered that I had a great deal of work to do on myself, which would start with taking a serious inventory of the things I put in my body; thoughts, words, images, medications, substances, etc. I locked myself in my apartment, and with use positive self help books, lavender essential oil, and lots of water and healthy food I got through the weeks ahead.

Don’t worry stay with me, this story has a very happy ending. Shortly after this time I was feeling pretty good, feeling as though I was gaining control of myself. I was invited to a doTERRA essential oil class at a dear friend’s home. I reluctantly went, mostly because I really wanted to support her. I learned a bit about the product they were sharing and even less about the company and went home. A couple of days later my mother called to tell me she had found the oils I left at their home the year prior. I told her I would come and get them and she said that she had been using them on herself as she has a respiratory issue and uses an inhaler. She notified me that her experience had been pretty incredible and that I needed to take a closer look. Boy was I happy I had gone to that class, a few days later I received my own starter kit and began learning.

Eventually I started having my own extraordinary experiences and began telling everyone I knew about the breakthroughs I had experienced using the oils and my own personal development. I started sharing the lifestyle that is doTERRA and started earning an income. It took me some time and many failures, but I have since quit my full time job as a top recruiter at a physician placement firm and pursued my passion full time.

I have discovered that network marketing is a platform that provides an abundance of positive experiences, complete freedom and control over your life and an income that is unlimited.

Now I am putting my natural talent and professional training, backed by the support of an incredible organization and my passion for recruiting, coaching and leading others to their dreams to good use. I am an emotional wellness coach, aromatherpist, and successful business builder who truly believes you can have everything you want with the right training, and leadership.

Are you tired of being forced to work long hours in a job that does not inspire you just to pay the bills while you make someone else a fortune? Would you like to be paid abundantly for your contributions and still have the time to take your family on multiple vacations a year, or perhaps getting paid even while you are playing at the beach? Are you a go getter who just needs something to go get?

If you are, and what you see here seems like something you could get behind, or in front of, then follow me by clicking the link below. But if not, then go ahead and close out of this site and I wish you well in your search for whatever it is that you were looking for when you stopped by.

Either way, I will continue to help other like minded people to reach their dreams, live the life they want to live and become their best selves.

Be well,



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